About Us

Subways Music - established in 2003 by Sophocles Sapounas - is a company specialising in the organisation and publication of high quality recordings and music productions, as well as the promotion of selected artists and concert proposals. Hand to hand with Subways music, goes Subways Radio which is the web radio station of the Greek record company Subways Music, the Subway Recording Studios and the Erateio Conservatory. All together are co-located in the same building at Vrilissia, a beautiful suburb of Athens, Greece.

Subways Music was awarded twice (2008 and 2016) awards for its discography by the Union of Greek Music and Theater Critics, at respective events at the Athens Concert Hall, while the company was nominated for the same award five more times.

Subways Music stands by the Greek musician - performer or creator - and offers the maximum possible support to him and his artistic work over time.


Find us on YouTube: Subways Music - YouTube