Marielli Sfakianaki - Iossif Ventura

June 1944. The steamer Tanais is attacked by a British submarine and sinks  in the Aegean waters near Santorini. In the ship's hold was 99% of the small Jewish Community of Crete captured by the Nazis. This was the end of the Jewish presence in Crete. Very few Cretan Jews survived . They left the island before 1944 or they escaped at the last minute hiding from the Germans. 

At the time Cretan poet, Iossif Ventura, was only 6 years old . He has been one of the few members of the Jewish community of Crete that survived the German persecution, mainly thanks to risky actions by Christian families. He recorded his poetic memories, experiences and feelings in his elegy, "Tanais".

The composer and writer, Marielli Sfakianaki, daughter of the important Cretan musician, Konstantinos Sfakianakis, turned the wreck of "Tanais" and Ventura's poetry into music creating a deep breath.

Spring 2023: the project "Tanais", under the artistic supervision of the composer and with the participation of a multitude of outstanding artists,released by Subways Music on all major music platforms, as well as on a limited number of collector's discs (CDs).

Kiki Morfoniou: mezzo-soprano
Victoria Manolidou: soprano
Katerina Roussou: mezzo-soprano
Antonis Koronaios: tenor
Joseph Venturas: herald

Musical ensembles:
ERT Choir
String quintet (Odysseas Korelis, violin / Anastasios Gratsias, violin / Antonis Manias, viola / Vangelis Nina, cello / Theodoros Lygnos, double bass)
String Quartet "L' Anima" (Stella Tsani, violin / Brunilda-Eugenia Malo, violin / Ilias Sdoukos, viola / Lefki Kolovou, cello)

Musical direction:
Raphael Pylarinos - Antonis Kontogeorgiou

Sound engineering, mixing, mastering: Vangelis Sapounas/Subway Studio
Production execution: Subways Music/ Sophocles Sapounas
Graphic design: Anna Bougka
Production associate: Kyriaki Chatzidaki