George Couroupos

Beginning of the green world

Subways Music is very happy to launch its collaboration with the outstanding melodist composer, George Couroupos, presenting the first album in a five-disc series of his poetry set to music. This record is entitled: "Beginning of the green world".

The distinguished composer selects and composes 25 poems, creating:
· Fourteen songs in poetry by Odysseus Elytis,
· Three songs in poetry by Sappho,
· Three songs in poetry by Archilochus,
· Three songs in poetry by Andreas Empirikos,
· Two songs in poetry by C. P. Cavafy.

Performers are two top lyrical artists: the international baritone Tassis Christogiannis, who performed the 22 songs on the album and the acclaimed mezzo-soprano Artemis Bogri, who performs three songs in Sappho's poetry. They are joined by two great pianists, Thanassis Apostolopoulos and Yannis Tsanakaliotis.

Artistic production supervision: Ioulita Iliopoulou
Production: Subways Music / Sophocles Sapounas
Production partner: Kyriaki Chatzidaki
Graphic designers: Anna Bougka, Ilia Sklavounakou
Recording, mixing, mastering: Themis Zafiropoulos
The recording took place in the auditorium of the Foundation Visual Arts and Music V. & M. Theocharakis.