Works By Goergios Axiotis

Subways Music presents the release entitled, "Works of Georgios Axiotis", with compositions by the great Greek composer in a world first recording. An album - partnership of renowned artists under the direction of chief musician Byron Fidetzis.

"The present record collection is dedicated to the memory of the musicologist, musician and researcher, Georgios Konstantzos (1950-2023)."
Byron Fidetzis

Artistic supervision: Byron Fidetzis
Production execution: Subways Music / Sofoklis Sapounas
Production partner: Kyriaki Chatzidaki
Graphic design: Ilia Sklavounakou

Recordings, mixing, editing CD1:
Hans Kipfer – “Artemis” Concert Hall (track 1)
Vangelis Sapounas – Subway Studio (tracks 2-12)

Sound Engineering-Mixing-Editing CD2:
Themis Zafeiropoulos – “Artemis” Concert Hall
Editing: Yannis Christodoulatos / Sweetspot Productions