Vangelis Katsoulis

Vangelis Katsoulis was born in Athens in 1949. His first contact with the public began in 1975. Since then, his works have been performed repeatedly both in Greece and abroad, from Europe and America, to Japan and Australia. He has collaborated with leading international soloists and well-known symphony orchestras and has participated in major international music festivals.

His music begins in the field of classical music and expands to other genres, such as jazz, music for film, theater, television and radio. He took part in numerous artistic events and collaborated with great Greek and foreign choreographers. In 1978 he represented Greece with his work at the International Forum of Composers in Paris, where he was distincted.

In 1979 he represented Greece with his work at the World Music Days of Contemporary Music. In 1981 he received, to continue his compositional work, an honorary grant from the American Foundation for Performance Arts. In 1994 he was awarded at the Thessaloniki Film Festival with the prize for best music.

He has to his credit 6 personal records and CDs and participations in many others.

He has received orders for music composition from organizations such as the Megaro Musikis, the ERA, the Color Orchestra, the Hellenic Association of Contemporary Music, the Patras Festival, etc., as well as from corresponding organizations abroad. Since 1974, he has been extensively involved in electronic music and in general the musical applications of modern technology and IT.​

With the project Through The Dark, which began as a commission from the Megaros Musikis and was released on CD, he began his collaboration with Markus Stockhausen and Arild Andersen. A second album followed, Silent Voyage with Paolo Fresu, Bendik Hofseth, Arild Andersen and Paul Wertico. This musical ensemble is now a regular gigging outfit and has recently recorded and released another album, An Unbearably Short Glance.