Stella Tsani

Stella Tsani started playing the violin at the age of 5. She tutored under Tatsis Apostolidis and graduated from his class at the Athens Conservatory with an Honours Mark and First Prize. Since then she has won awards, recorded for radio, television and albums, gave many solo and chamber music concerts and presented many works for the first time.  
Since 2003 she has been working as a soloist for the Greek Composers' Union and the Greek Ensemble of Contemporary Music under the directions of Theodore Antoniou, Iakovos Konitopoulos, Michalis Oekonomou, Gunther Schuller and Valery Oreshkin.  
Also, she spent 5 years as an exarch and soloist of the Paneuropean and Mediterranean Orchestra founded by the international cultural organisation ECUME, performing all around the world.  
She has done many recitals, solo performances and tours all around Greece and abroad, especially in countries of Europe, the Mediterranean, Africa, Middle East and South Korea appearing in many important venues with many renowned Greek and foreign conductors such as Andreas Tselikas, Andreas Pylarinos, Vladimiros Symeonides, Αngelo Guarania, Solhi Al Vadi, Raad Khalaf, Amine Kouider, Guihad Daoud, Elise Gauthier – Villars, Νanse Gum, Joachim Harder, Haris Iliadis.                                                                                
She is a founding member of the Ellemis Piano quartet, with which she has recorded her first album consisting of works by Johannes Brahms and Ernest Chausson, and which was released in 2004 and was highly acclaimed by the critics.  
In November 2005 Subways Music in collaboration with the Greek Composers' Union released her CD entitled "Hellanion" where, with Elena Chounta on piano, she performs works by N. Skalkottas, M. Kalomiris, T. Antoniou, I. Konitopoulos and L. Kanaris.  
In May 2008 Subways released her CD "Live In Athens", which is a live recording of a recital given in Athens accompanied by the famous Canadian pianist Stephen Ham, and which consists of compositions by Brahms, Debussy and Dragatakis. This album was awarded a prize as the best Greek album of 2008 by the Union of Greek Theatrical and Music Critics in a ceremony which took place at the Athens Concert Hall in December 2008  
In January 2010 the new album of Ellemis Piano quartet was released, entitled “Eikones” and consisting of works by Robert Schumann, G. F. Händel, G. Caccini, C. Armstrong, N. Mavroudis, L. Kanaris, M. Archontidis and E. Chounta.  
In 2011 Subways Music released her CD entitled "Vienna - Dusseldorf - Vienna" where, with Dionyssis Mallouhos on piano, she performs works by Beethoven, Schumann, Schubert and Raff.  
Stella Tsani is also the first violin of the L' Anima string quartet, with which she has appeared - among others - at the Presidential Palace and the Maxim Mansion, invited by the Greek Presidency and Government respectively. The same quartet also appeared in April 2003 at the Attalus Arcade, during the ceremony of European Union expansion, in front of 25 leaders and delegations of all EU member-states, invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Greek Presidency of the EU.  
In 2011 the first album of L' Anima string quartet was released, entitled “Music for Strings” and consisting of works by Greek composer Savvas Zannas.  
In September 2014 was released, again from Subways Music, the double album "The String Quartets", where the L’ Anima string quartet performs all string quartets of the famous Greek composer, Academician and President of the Greek Composers’ Union, Theodore Antoniou.  
In January 2016, Subways Music released her album "3 Sonatas for violin and piano", in which, together with the distinguished pianist Titos Gouvelis, she performs sonatas of Cesar Franck, Charles Ives and Alekos Xenos in a first world recording.
On November 27th 2016 she was awarded once again for her discography by the Union of Greek Theatrical and Music Critics in a ceremony which took place at the Athens Concert Hall.  
Her latest recording was released in January 2017 as a digital album via Subways Music. The title is “Sonata for two violins”, a work written by the great Greek Orchestra conductor and composer, Andreas Tselikas, in which she performed sequentially the two violin parts.