Spyridon Samaras

Spyridon-Filiskos Samaras, composer, singer and actor, is considered the main representative of the Iptanesian School of Music and as one of the most important Greek composers. His outstanding "Olympic Anthem", dedicated to the ancient Greek Spirit of noble competition and selfless competition, in poetry by Kostis Palamas, was written in 1895 and established internationally in 1958 as the official Anthem of the Olympic Games. From then until today, it echoes incessantly in the opening and closing ceremonies of each Olympiad: the Olympic Games.

Spyros Samaras first studied in his hometown, Corfu, and at the Athens Conservatory and then in Paris and Italy. These studies were followed by recognition and a successful career in Italy, while he was fortunate to see some of his operas staged in its major theaters: "Flora Mirabilis", "The Martyr", "Metze", "Lionella", " Love Story", "Rea". A composer mainly of opera, Spyridon Samaras wrote ten completed operas and one that remained unfinished. However, he also dealt with operetta, poetry set to music and the composition of works for the piano, etc. Typical is his "French Serenade" (Track 5), written in 1903, in the unusual rhythm of 6/4.