Spiros Farouggias

He was born in Corfu. He started playing music in the Mantzaros Philharmonic Society with Georgios Kourkoulos, Christos Routsis and Othona Goga. He completed his studies at the Raimondi Conservatory with teacher Yiannis Elefantis. He holds a degree in harmony and a degree in conducting and arranging wind instruments. He has appeared as a soloist with symphony orchestras of Greece, the Brass Ensemble of the State Orchestra of Athens, the Philharmonic of the Municipality of Athens, etc. He was a member of the New Mediterranean Orchestra, the ERT Symphony Orchestra, the Color Orchestra, as well as the Melos Brass Quintet (1996-2014), with numerous concerts in Greece, Europe, USA and Japan. He teaches at the Filippos Nakas Conservatory. Since 1993, he holds the position of first chair trombone in the Orchestra ELS.