Sofia Kamayianni

"The Lillies"

Subways Music presents in a digital online version, with availability on all major international platforms, a unique piano composition by Sofia Kamayianni, performed by herself. 

A release, which is available internationally, exclusively, through Subways Music.

A few words about the work:

"In the winter at the end of 2015, I was in the workshop of Loukia Orfanou (mosaic painter). She was then working on the works for her exhibition entitled "Lilies and other Minoan motifs". With the joy and excitement that I was invited to the opening of this exhibition for a mini-solo piano concert, I went to hear first-hand her anxieties and the sculpting of her conception. On a subject - lilies - of incomparable beauty and timeless appeal. Lukia transported me into her world through the act -admittedly, the creation of mosaics is an impressive process. It was a very inspiring meeting, I was flooded with sensations and emotions. This is how my "Lilies", the musical ones, came about spontaneously. Which of course were heard for the first time, among other pieces, in opening of this exhibition (Palais Hirsch Schwetzingen, Heidelberg, February 2016). Today, in the era of covid-19, marking the recording of this work, from the many symbolism out of those that follow the lily flower through the ages, I choose the one of rebirth."
Sofia Kamayianni

Production: Sophocles Sapounas/Subways Music
Piano: Sofia Kamayianni
Recording: Tim Ward
Mixing, mastering: Vangelis Sapounas/Subway Studio
Cover: Mosaic from the exibition " Lilies and other Minoan motifs "
Artist: Loukia Orfanou
Executive Producer: Georgina Merenditi
Copyright: Sophocles Sapounas