Marios Varvoglis

Marios Varvoglis, composer, educator, conductor, music critic and music writer, coming from an old, great Greek family of activists and politicians, was in the first half of the 20th century a pioneer in the creation of national music and the founder of modern modern Greek music, together with his contemporaries Emilio Riadis, Dionysios Lavragas, Georgios Labelet and Manoli Kalomiris.

He was born in Belgium, grew up in Athens and studied under great teachers in Paris. The refined aesthetics of French Art influenced his restless spirit, which nevertheless never strayed from the idea of Greekness in Art, for which he vigorously fought, as a composer and teacher, but also as a critic in serious publications of his time, such as the magazine "Numas" and the newspapers "Eleftheros Logos" and "TaNea".

Most of his compositional work, which includes songs, symphonic and vocal music, chamber music works and piano works, is anecdotal. From this extensive work we mention the prelude "Agia Varvara", the lyric drama "The Evening of Love" and the works for orchestra "Pastoral Suite", "The Festival", "Daphnes and Cypresses". Two of the composers whose works are included on the CD were his students: Georgios Kazasoglou and Thanos Ermilios, while much younger composers in their first steps were taught by Marios Varvoglis, such as Mikis Theodorakis and Manos Hadjidakis.