Marielli Sfakianaki
Marielli Sfakianaki was born in Athens in 1945. Her studies include an opera voice diploma, high level theory of Music and Composition. In 1980 the Greek National Radio transmits her Work: “Past of the grave” In 1981 the chorus of the Greek National Radio presents her “Anadiomeni” In A. Sikelianos poetry, work for a cappella chorus, which also wins the A. Sikelianos Premium.
In 1982 she presents in Ithaca’s Festival her “ Stabat mater” for Solo soprano, Chorus and Strings Quartet. In 1983, after an order of Municipality of Heraklio Crete, she presents her “Epiclissis” for solo alto, little voice trio and a cappella chorus. The same year the National Greek Radio chorus registrants and presents her “Trisection for Christmas” (a cappella chorus) and “Liturgy for November 1973” (A cappella chorus and narrator). In 1987 presents and publishes in a disk the “ Book of Cats” in N. Dimou poetry, for baritone, string quintet, percussion and three vocal women chorus.
In 1988 and 1989 she presents her Opera for children “Flogiki magera” into the Nation Greek Opera . “The Soldier” in Zakythinos poetry, for symphonic orchestra and tree solo voices.
In 2006 she presents in Megaron of Athens a part of her opera “Minos”. In 2008 Vienna Masterworks gave to her opera “ Crete’ s Tale” a Special Commendation. In September 2017 her opera “ Minos” took place in concertante form at the archaeological palace of Knossos in Crete.
She has also published ten books (two of them are best seller and have translated and published in England and Germany) and her first book has been rewarded from the Greek Literature Company.