Maria-Lida Karapanou

"Chopin's Works"

Subways Music presents the album "Chopin's Works" with works for solo piano by Frédéric Chopin, performed by soloist Maria-Lida Karapanou. A digital release, available internationally on all major music platforms.

1. Nocturne nο.1 Op. 9, in B flat minor
2. Nocturne nο.20 Op. posth., in C sharp minor
3. Nocturne nο.21 Op. posth. Β.108, in C minor
4. Fantaisie – Impromptu, Op. Posth. 66
5. Ballade no. 1 Op.23, in G minor
Sonata no. 2 Op.35, in B flat minor
6. Grave, Doppio movimento
7. Scherzo
8. Marche funebre: Lento
9. Finale, Presto
10. Polonaise - Fantaisie Op.61, in A flat major

Production: Subways Music - Sophocles Sapounas
Executive production / Texts: Georgina Merentiti
Recording: Brookwood Studio – Plymouth, Michigan, USA
Sound engineer: David Low
Piano: Steinway D Concert Grand Piano
Graphic Design: Anna Bougka