Leonidas Kanaris

"One night when..."

An album-self portait by Leonidas Kanaris, one of the most valuable composers of his generation, at a runtime of 75 minutes.  This is the third recording collaboration - out of 4 in total - of the company with the composer.

Three Songs on poems by Ch. Baudelaire (op. 15)
1. The Pagan’s Prayer
2. The Possessed
3. One Night When… 

Trois Bagatelles pour le piano (op. 30)
4. Chanté
5. Valse Sensible
6. Vive

Two Choir Songs on poems by K. Karyotakes (op. 25)
7. The Plain and the Cemetery 
8. A Funeral and Perpendicular March 

9. People (op.31b)
Four Songs on poems by Th. Tassoulis (op. 10b)
10. Further to the Northwest of Happiness
11. Attempting to Contact
12. A Confession 
13. When the Stone
14. ‘Elegiaco’ for Woodwind Quintet (op. 13)

Three Songs on poems by C. P. Cavafy (op. 35)
15. Candles 
16. Sam el Nesim 
17. The God Forsaketh Antony

Contents and performers:
Works for solo piano, for various combinations of instruments, for vocal ensemble, as well as ten compositions based on poetry by Charles Baudelaire, Constantine Cavafy, Costas Karyotakis and Themis Tasoulis. Performed by Dafni Panourgia (soprano), Nicol Karalis (piano), Stella Tsani (violin), Lefki Kolovou (cello), Elena Chounta (piano), Gerta Sinai (viola). Also featuring the Slowind Wind Quintet, Michalis Tranoudakis (narration) and the vocal ensemble Emmelia, conducted by Valery Oreskin.

Production: Subways Music - Sophocles Sapounas
Recording, Mixing: Akron Studio
Mastering: Vangelis Fabas
Copyright: Sophocles Sapounas