Leonidas Kanaris - Yorgos Foudoulis

"Greek Impressions"

Great original works by Greek composers for guitar duo performed by the well-known and very active guitarists and composers Leonidas Kanaris and Yorgos Fountoulis on a CD lasting almost 70 minutes. 

Leonidas Kanaris has developed, in Greece and abroad, a remarkable activity both as a composer and a guitarist, he conducts international music festivals, he is a recognized teacher for Guitar, Advanced Theory and Composition. He is a member of the Board of Directors, of the Union of Greek Musicians, director of the magazine "Music Antiphonon", president of the "Hellenic Music Society" and author of educational books. 

Although he is a permanent resident of Volos, Yorgos Foudoulis has developed an important activity as a soloist in Greece and abroad. He has been invited to many international festivals, and he himself organizes an international guitar festival in Greece. He is a guitar teacher and has written music mainly for guitar, chamber music and songs, as well as educational books for guitar students. 

The CD of this fine and special guitar duo contains wonderful musical creations by the great Arghyris Kounadis, the late Kyriakos Giorginakis, the leading teacher Dimitris Fampas, the guitarist Dimitris Nikitos, the sojourner in England for about 40 years Geroge Zarb, as well as works composed by the performers themselves, in a retelling of the Greek musical composition for the classical guitar with a shared point being the references to the atmosphere of the Greek tradition. 

Several of the works in this disc see the light of the discography for the first time and highlight Greece as a country of great musical creation with a repertoire that deserves to be in a special place on the international stage .​"Greek Impressions" is a work that is not only addressed to the fanatical friends of the classical guitar, but its musical content of special beauty and the high quality of the performances guarantee aesthetic pleasure and atmospheric listening to every music lover.

Kiriakos Giorginakis
"Greek Memories"
1. Panighiri
2. Trata
3. Trygos

Yorgos Foudoulis
4. Iolkos

Dimitris Nikitos
"To taxidi"
5. Macedonia
6. Anapestos
7. Steriano
8. Archaiko
9. Balkania

Dimitris Fampas
10. Fantasia

George Zarb
11. Variations on a theme

Leonidas Kanaris
12. Variations on Thalassaki

Arghyris Kounadis
"Rebetika fur zwei gitarren"
13. Rebetiko I
14. Rebetiko II
15. Rebetiko III

Leonidas Kanaris - guitar
Yorgos Foudoulis - guitar

Production: Sophocles Sapounas
Texts: Leonidas Kanaris
Recording: Apollonion Studio (1998)
Mixing, Mastering: Agis Giftopoulos
Cover: Panagiotis Tsirigotis