Konstantinos I. Sfakianakis
Konstantinos I. Sfakianakis was born in Iraklio of Crete (Greece) on 3/3/1890 in a bourgeois milieu. He studied in Switzerland and graduated in jurisprudence, mathematics, astronomy, piano and composition. Afterwards, he went over Dresden of Germany, where he became a student of Riemann. He was fluent in French, German and Italian. He founded the Greek Conservatory in Canea of Crete (Greece), where he created a famous piano class. Then he became codirecteur, together with Antiochos Evaggelatos, of the Greek Conservatory in Athens. He composed works for orchestra such a " Symphonic Prologue’’, a Liederkreis called "Kalymna", other Lieder for voice and piano and five works for solo piano. He also composed a dance drama with a carnival theme for piano. There were also works of him that haven't been found: The oratorio "The Revelation of John", the "Cretan Sonata" for violin and orchestra and the "Accompaniment to the Lake of Lamartine" and a "Scherzo". For many years he was also writing the History of Byzantine Music, some pages of which were saved and presented by Fotis Kontoglou in the "Filiki Etairia" magazine and in the Dictionary of K. Eleftheroudakis on the term "Byzantine Music".