Katia Paschou

" Leto's Song: A Life, a Continuous Song"

Subways Music is pleased to announce the digital release of the work, "Leto’s Song: A Life, a Continuous Song", with lyrics by Nikos Moraitis and music by Christos Papageorgiou, with soprano Katia Pashou in the role of Letos and soloist Apostolos Palios on the piano. 

 "Leto’s Song: A Life, a Continuous Song" was created and premiered at the Katakouzenos House following an invitation from the House's curator and museologist Sofia Peloponnisiou in 2018 to the soprano Katia Paschou for the celebration of the ten year anniversary of the House-Museum. The cycle of seven songs is inspired by Letos Katakouzenos' book, "Angelos Katakouzenos, my Valis", which was recently released in its 6th edition by Mikri Arktos. Each song is also an important chapter from the life of the brilliant couple, two very special people with rare personalities who, together through their actions, enriched the intellectual life of the 1950s and beyond.

The album is released internationally in digital form by Subways Music.

More information about Katakouzenos House/Museum: www.katakouzenos.gr

Katia Paschou: soprano / Apostolos Palios: piano
Nikos Moraitis: lyrics / Christos Papageorgiou: music

Recording, mixing, mastering: Vangelis Fampas/Massive Productions
Executive production: Subways Music/Sophocles Sapounas