Iraklis Vavatsikas

Iraklis Vavatsikas was born and raised in Thessaloniki. There he took his first accordion lessons from Vassilis Simitsiadis and completed his studies at the "New Thessaloniki Conservatory" in the class of Kostas Aroutzidis. In 1992 he came into contact with the bayan, a more sophisticated type of button accordion, and took lessons from the leading Russian composer and teacher Wjacheslav Semionov. He has written dozens of compositions and transcriptions for solo Bayan. Since 2008 he has been involved with the Bandoneon and the Tango as well as the Harmonica and Smyrna music. He has appeared as a soloist in Greece and abroad and has collaborated with Greek and foreign artists. He has also created original schemes ("For Voice & accordion", "Smyrni - Buenos Aires", "Trio Bandoneando" Etc.) He is an accordion professor at the "PHILIPPOS NAKAS" Conservatory in Athens. He has collaborated with the most important Greek composers and singers, participates in many Greek records as a musician, arranger and composer. Discography: -"HEART SHIP", with Kostas Pavlidis (1994) -"TELL MY SOUL", with Morpho Tsaireli (1999) -"NEW EARTH", with Dimitris Tsekouras (2001) -"FOR VOICE AND ACCORDION", with Morpho Tsaireli (2002) -"THE KEY", with Manolis Lidakis (2004) -"COLOR", with Eleni Tsaligopoulou (2004) -"THE HEART OF AN ANIMAL", for the film by Renos Charalambidis (soundtrack-2006 ) -"ORIENTAL GARDEN", Nova Emad (Irano-Canadian singer 2008) -"TRIBUTE TO ELIAS KATSOULIS", with Giorgos Dalaras (2011). - "La Nonna", play by Roberto Cossa, directed by Dimitris Piatas (2012).