Women's Vocal Ensemble

The Women's Vocal Ensemble "InDONNAtion" was created in 2012 by the renowned conductor Dimitris Ktistakis and is made up of unique and professional musicians. Its purpose is the diffusion of quality choral art as a source of inspiration and a means of upgrading the cultural development of our country.
The name “InDONNAtion” is a pun on the musical term Intonation (tonality of sound) and the word Donna (woman).

The special feature of the ensemble is the original choreographed approach to choral music with a unique combination of movement and sound. The editing of the movement belongs to the talented choreographer Fai Soukos. The performances are characterized by impeccable interpretation and a high artistic level in a demanding repertoire. The first pan-Hellenic performances have already taken place, while the repertoire includes works of classical music, as well as compositions by contemporary Greek and foreign composers. Also, composers of international prestige have already proposed the composition of works for InDonnation. In the period 2012-2015 the ensemble "InDONNAtion" has performed selected performances in art and culture venues (Ionian Academy of Corfu, Municipal Conservatory of Larissa) and has collaborated with various and successful musical ensembles (Larissa Youth Symphony Orchestra, Larissa Music Association, Opera Chaotique music group, etc.). At the same time, he traces an important course in local events by supporting organizations and social contribution actions (Animus Restoration Center, Arogi, participation in Anti-Cancer Conference, etc.). In October 2015, it won a gold medal at the international INTERKULTUR Choir Competition and collected the highest score among the Greek choirs in all categories of the competition.​

The inDONNAtion Women's Choir D.O.L. consists of: Soprano: Elena Gatza/solo, Theodora Zioura, Elli Kontouri, Katerina Kyriakidou, Frosso Ast. Kistaki/piano, Irene Mammou, Vana Mani, Eleni Markou, Maria Nalbani, Maria Daraklitsa, Klio Papadimitriou, Stavroula Sainidou/Choreographer Assistant, Valia Sapounas, Freyer Froxylia /solo, Athanasia Soultsiotou, Anastasia Stamatopoulou, Cilia Tabouka, Eleni Hatzimbarba, Christina Harcharidis.Alto: Maria Andritsou, Aristea Valavani, Marianna Gakoudi, Eri Derveni, Vivi Karagianni, Konstantina Kontsa, Konstantina Koukolitsou, Dimitra Kotsopoulou, Natasha Makri, Maria Marinou, Stefania Matthaiou, Arieta Papandreou, Annie Ritou, Katerina Skodra.