Greek Radio Choir

The Greek Radio Choir was founded in 1977 by Manos Hadjidakis, then director of the Third Program of the Radio, as the "Choir of the Third" in collaboration with Antonis Kontogeorgiou who was its organizer and main director. It soon became one of the best choral ensembles in the country.
In shaping her repertoire, particular importance was given to first performances of Greek works (240 works that include compositions for choir and orchestra as well as choral a capella) by: Adamis, Antoniou, Astrinidis, Andriopoulos, Vrontos, Grigoriou, Zora, Theodorakis, Kalomiris, Kouroupou , Koukou, Kounadis, Karaindrou, Konstantinidis, Kypourgou, Leontaritis, Leontis, Mamagakis, Maragopoulos, Mikroutsikou, Markopoulos, Balta, Nezeritis, Xenakis, Xenou, Papadimitriou, Riadis, Spanoudakis, Tatsis, Tenidis, Hatzidakis, Christou and others.

The choir's activity abroad increased impressively in the 1993-94 period under General Director Mikis Theodorakis, during which most of its performances outside Greece took place (Festivals Hanover, Cairo, Toulouse, Cologne, Munich, Belgrade, Florence, Helsinki Opera, Montpellier Opera , Alte Oper Frankfurt, Canada, Cyprus, Turkey, Tunisia, USA tour (N. York, Washington, Chicago etc.).

In recent years, Dimitris Bouzanis, Dimitris Ktistakis and Angeliki Ploka have served as its Music Directors.