Giorgos Katsanos

He was born in 1968 in Athens. He studied classical percussion at the Athens Conservatory in the class of Professor Maratzinou. In Greece he also studied classical piano.
In 1993 he will graduate from the famous American university (Boston) Berklee College of Music with honors, majoring in Professional Music Major with piano as the main instrument.
In 1995 he composed original music for the theatrical performance "Mystery Woman" directed by V. Vafeas.
He is a founding member of the group Omadiki Apodrasi and the "EOS" group.
He has collaborated with L. Platonos, N. Mavroudis, Ludovikos of Anogeion, F. Delivoria, S. Giannatou, Konstantinos Rigos, IRIS music group, Magrathea, P. Margaris, A. Karatarakis and other artists.
Giorgos Katsanos composes music with Piano Sampler and idiomatic instruments. His new record work entitled “BLUR” (TCM MUSIC) is a sound proposal of electronic, acoustic and experimental musical instruments, minimalistic, repetitive patterns that create through a foggy landscape, an ambient-cinematic atmosphere.