Georgios Kasassoglou

"Works for Violin and Piano"

Collection of works for violin and piano. 

Recorded in 2005, at the Spectrum studio in Pallini, by Vangelis Katsoulis. The works are performed by: Georgios Demertzis (violin), Thanassis Apostolopoulos (piano). 

The production was made in Germany, by the JMK company. which was founded by the composer's grandson George - Markos Kasassoglou.

1. Allegro Appassionato
2. Adagio cantabile
3. Allegretto comodo
4. Allegro scherzando

5. Melodie Pathetique

Five Fantastic Pieces
6. "Chendika"
7. Serenata
8. Reverie
9. Romance
10. Elegie

Three Pieces for Violin Solo
11. Elegie
12. Romantic Serenade
13. Love Song

Georgios Demertzis (violin)

Thanasis Apostolopoulos (piano)

Production: JMK Media Solutions - 2005
Representation for Greece: Subways Music