Georgios Kasassoglou
Georgios Kazasoglou was born in Athens on December 1, 1908. At the age of seven, he began his first violin lessons in Edessa. In 1920 he returned with his family to Athens. He finished high school at sixteen and enrolled at Panteion University, in the field of Political Science.
At the same time, he continued his musical training, attending lessons with Lavragas, Kontis, Kalomiris, Varvoglis, Spanoudis. Later he continued his studies at the Philological Department of the University of Athens.

He has written literary essays, music studies, music reviews in newspapers and magazines and has often given public speeches, mainly on musical topics.

Ancient Greek creation, and antiquity in general, is the space in which he feels comfortable. In addition to works for ancient tragedies, comedies, plays and films, he has composed for small and large orchestra, chamber music, piano, violin, cello, oboe, voice with piano or orchestra, ballet, choir and children's music.

Many of these works have been presented repeatedly in Greece and abroad. He wrote the music for the comedy "Nepheles" by Aristophanes, which was performed at the Comedie Francaise, directed by Sokratis Karantinos. With the phrase "in your music I heard Greece and in the shaking of your hands I feel Greece", Igor Strawinsky began his enthusiastic review of the music of the Nephelos, at their first meeting.

At the Bad-Hersfeld festival, in the summer of 1962, Euripides' "Antigone" was performed, with his own music and directed by Pelos Katselis. In 1976 in Paris, at the Lutese International Competition, his song "The tear of the rain" in lyrics by N. Stasinopoulos, won the first prize with a gold medal.

On June 2, 1984, he died at his home in Nea Smyrni.