Georgios Kasassoglou

"23 Songs"

It contains 23 Songs with piano accompaniment and the artists taking part are:
Angeliki Kathariou (Contralto)
Tassis Christogiannopoulos (Baritone) and
Thanasis Apostolopoulos (Piano)

1. Passive Hymn (K. Palamas)
2. Rhodes Moscovolima (K. Palamas)
3. Byzantine Miniature (A. Terzaki)
4. Archaic Miniature (K. Zampatha)
5. Oblivion (L. Mavili)
6. Vrysoula (K. Zampatha)
7. Margaret's Lullabies (H. Ibsen - L. Koukoula)
8. Ecstatic Melody (Stef. Morphy)
9. Oh! Earth (Stef. Morphy)

Village Handball (G. Athanas)
10. Stream
11. Petting
12. Royal
13. Joy
14. Youth

4 Songs (D. Solomos)
15. In the Shadow Hand in Hand
16. Mother Magnanimous
17. Drugged
18. April with Love

Cycle of 5 Songs (N. Mesinezi)
19. The Flower
20. Serenade
21. Cowardice
22. Your Hands
23. Response

The recording was made at the Spectrum Recording Studio in Athens by Vangelis Katsoulis. The graphic design is by George - Markos Kazassoglou. The production was made in Germany in 2008 by the company JMK Media Solutions, founded by the grandson of the composer, George - Markos Kazassoglou.