George Peristeris

Giorgos Peristeris was born in Athens in 1966. He studied violin at the Athens Conservatory with teachers Yiannis Tzoumanis and Tatsis Apostolidis. He graduated in 1992 with a Diploma with honors and distinction.

He continued his studies at the Mozarteum Music Academy in Salzburg with Irmgard Gahl. He studied advanced theories and composition with professor Yiannis Avgerinos. He was a member of the National Symphony Orchestra of ERT and the Orchestra of Colors for a number of years. He is a violin teacher and principal A' of the Symphony Orchestra of the Municipality of Athens since the foundation of the orchestra in 1996 until today. He taught at the Nafplion Municipal Conservatory and the Athens Conservatory. Today he teaches at the Attic Conservatory. He is a member of the Union of Greek Musicians. He was a founding member and president of the Board of Directors of the Marsyas String Orchestra. His compositional work includes 65 works for different musical forms. He has written two methods for studying scale technique for beginners in violin and viola in a color-based format and covers the topic of dyslexia in music education.​​

In recent years he has been composing musical fairy tales. His works have been performed in educational program performances. In more detail:
- "The gift of the quilt", music based on the work of the same title by Jeff Bribeau and Gail de Marken, for symphony orchestra and narrator.
- "The Blue House", for small orchestra, four-part children's choir and narrator in a libretto, in his own lyrics and music.
- "The Blue Seashell'" based on the fairy tale of Marivita Grammatikakis. The above work is released on CD and presented in primary schools throughout the territory, with the participation of a group of dancers from the State School of Orchestral Art. It was presented at the B&M Theocharaki foundation in the 2012-2013 season directed by Lena Georgiadou for Kindergarten-Primary school children.
-"Little Jason", the little hero of Giorgos Peristeris, who stars in a series of short stories with music, for narrator and Symphony Orchestra. The version 'Christmas story' was offered to the Symphony Orchestra of the Municipality of Athens at Christmas 2012, where over a thousand school children of Athens attended.
-The edition "Bobos", from the same series, refers to a 'healer' dog, a work that will be presented in 2018 to children with special needs.
- "Animal Rhapsody", a political musical fable for symphony orchestra and narrator, based on George Orwell's 'Animal Farm'. It was presented by the Camerata Orchestra in December 2015.
-In 2013 he composed the opera "The Beggar and the Golden Keyhole" from the book of the same title by Marivita Grammatikakis and it was recorded by a 9-member orchestra and three singers under the direction of George Papadopoulos. It is presented in the 2016-2018 season at the Olvio Theater.
-"A cub scout story in a camp", Scout short story for two narrators (child & adult) and chamber orchestra. It was presented by the Athens Municipality Orchestra in December 2015.
-"The Secret of Atlantis" by Walt Disney. Musical score of a comic book story digitally converted from book to film. 28 musical sections for small orchestra. It was presented in April 2017 by the student orchestra of the Attica Conservatory.

In 2013, he founded musicmathisis, a chamber music and orchestra program for children who are at the beginning of their musical studies. He is a member of the Association of friends of patients with primary immunodeficiencies 'Harmonia', where he has been offering his artistic services to children for years.