Erato Alakiozidou

The pianist belongs to a group of fine and select musicians of Greece, actively involved in contemporary music, artistic research, and pedagogic projects. The last few years she has taken a special interest in the study and promote of works by 20th & 21st century Greek composers.
Distinguished contemporary composers have dedicated some of their works to her and she performed their world premieres.  
Her repertoire includes a wide range of important classical and contemporary works, having also a specialization in tango music.
She has received excellent critiques for her entire presence in the artistic domain awarded from the Greek Union of Greek Reviewers for Theatre and Music as well as from the Gramophone Magazine (editor's choice january 2018),Classica french magazine, Piano News magazine and many international reviewers.
With studies in Greece, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland, she was educated next to great pianists and teachers, including Eleni Papazoglou (State Conservatory of Thessaloniki - Piano Diploma with Excellence), Lilia Boyadjieva (Conservatoire de Villepinte Paris - Diplome Superieur d'Execution, the highest distinction and 1st Prize), Stella Dimitrova, Alfredo Speranza, Lazar Berman, Margaret Newmann, Carla Cuidici, Julia & Constantine Ganevi.
Her style combines influences from various pianistic schools, mainly through the teachers she worked with on the interpretation and musical approach of classical and contemporary repertoire: Nikos Astrinidis (student of Dinu Lipatti), Julia and Constantin Ganev (students of Heinrich Neuhaus), Roberto Szidon (student of Ilona Kabos, Claudio Arrau & Arthur Rubinstein).
Nikos Astrinidis – a pianist, conductor and composer whose works she has performed – has been her main inspiration and mentor for many years.
Extremely significant during her postgraduate studies was her apprenticeship with the famous Brazilian pianist Roberto Szidon, whose teaching influenced her deeply.
​​Erato Alakiozidou performs extensively in Europe in important concert halls and festivals (Switzerland, Germany, Belgium,Serbia, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands,Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece) wresting always very good reviews.  
Some of the places she performed among others are: Center of Russian Music-Goldsmiths University, Musica Polonica Nova,I Concerti del Chiostro,Sentieri Mediterranei,Lab festival,Camino Festival,Festival Pianistico,Colletivo Rituale, Apulia Metropolitan Music festival,Camino da Genere, The Spheres,Klasik Keyifler, International Music Days(Turkey),Aveiro University,Ionian University of Corfu,Yasar University, Pianissimo Festival, Fontantion Pierre Gianada, Guarnerius Hall,Demetria Festival, Sani Festival, “Music of the World” Festival,Simi Festival,Athens Concert Hall, Thessaloniki Concert Hall, Benaki Museum, Concert Hall of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, University of Macedonia, Archealogical Museum of Thessaloniki, Byzantine Museum of Thessaloniki and many more.  
She has appeared as a soloist with the symphonic orchestra “Nae Leonard” Galati of Romania, with the Orchestra of Colors,the State Orchestra of Thessaloniki, the Lutoslawski quartet and the idee fixe ensemble, under the direction of Theodere Antoniou,Miltos Logiadis,Dimitris Botinis, Alexandre Myrat and Dimitris Dimopoulos.  
She is a founding member and Artistic Director of the “Tangos a Cuatro” ensemble, the contemporary music ensemble “Idée Fixe”, the International Workshop Festival “Music Diaries” and the nonprofit organization “beArtive”.  
She maintains a multidisciplinary activity in various fields of modern creation. She is actively involved in contemporary music projects by exploring thematic associations for the repertoire, creating educational programs, conducting research, publishing articles and managing artistic events and productions. Her interest in recent years focuses on chamber music of the Russian Avant Garde and of other important European artistic currents and new composers, while actively promoting since 2000 the emergence of works by Greek composers of the 20th & 21st centuries.
Among others she is working actively in other fields of artistic organizations and productions. She has organized international seminars and concerts in collaboration with big conservatories and institutions.In collaboration with the German pianist Thomas Wellen, she has redacted the piano sonatas of J. Haydn, which are published by the Music Melody Maker editions. She has been writing for the art magazine “Avlea”, creating the column “Music and Musicians” and since 2008 she is the creator and director of the “Con Fuoco” magazine, being published by the Teachers’ Association of the Municipal Conservatory of Thermi.  
Alongside her performance activity, she teaches at the Conservatory of Athens since 2017, and at the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki since 2000 where she holds the possition of the International Coordinator and the head of the accompaniment department.  
She has played a decisive role in the dissemination of contemporary music and in the establishment of new musical institutions in Greece (“Synthermia” Contemporary Music Festival, Municipal Conservatories International Summer Music Academy, Echosynkyria, Municipal Conservatories Network), and has organized many music events and educational programs.
Also, she has been the Artistic Director of the Municipal Conservatory of Thermi maintaining the position for 16 consecutive years until 2018.  
She is regularly invited as a guest artist by many Universities and Conservatories to give master classes and lectures, and by international musical associations as a jury member to competitions in Europe.  
She has recorded for Protasis Productions, Ankh Productions and Subways Productions and also for the Greek and Bulgarian state radio & television as well as for the German southwest broadcasting corporation. Since 2017 she is recording under the label Odradek records.