Vojislav Ivanovic

The great Bosnian Serb - with now Greek citizenship - composer, guitarist and academic Vojislav Ivanovic creates his first personal record on Greek soil, produced by Subways Music, with the title "Levantina".
The music, the orchestration and the lyrics belong to him, who plays electric, classical, electroclassical, classical, flamenco, synth and midi guitars, as well as piano, while he is accompanied interpretatively by a section of the cream of the crop of artists of the Greek music scene.
Levantina is a record that was prepared for 2 full years in the studio resulting in a work with a production level on par with the biggest counterparts of top label producers.
The wonderful compositions of Vojislav Ivanovic are influenced by the ethnic atmospheres of the Balkan countries and the wider Eastern Mediterranean, as well as by jazz and contemporary spoken music, but all these are processed by the distinctive musical style of the recognized creator and performer. V. Ivanovic was for many years (until the time of the war) a professor of composition at the Music Academies of Belgrade and Sarajevo, while now - although living in Athens - he teaches at the Music Academy of Skopje. As a guitarist and composer he has appeared in numerous concerts and festivals in Europe and his work spans from classical music to punk rock and from jazz to opera, symphonic music, chamber music, film and television!
Levantina is a work that proves that Greece has great potential now in terms of music production and that appeals to every listener who demands to hear stirring melodies from great performers and all this with quality sound. How much more so when the result has the stamp of a special musical personality, such as that of Vojislav Ivanovic...​

1. Karavani
2. Balkan Express
3. Lazar's Morning
4. Miles Dream - The Dream
5. Miles Dream - Miles
6. Oliaros
7. Nick's Joy
8. Aloimono Mou
9. 13 1/2
10. Aenoigma
11. Levantina

Savina Giannatou - vocals
David Lynch - vocals, soprano and tenor sax, flute, piccolo
Vangelis Karipis - vocals, percussion
Yotis Kiourtsoglou - electric and bass
Haris Lambrakis - ney
Sergian Ivanovic & Nikos Siderokastritis - drums
Dimitris Tsakas - soprano and alto saxophone
Dimitris Kalantzis - electric piano
Dimitris Emmanuel - percussion

Recording & Mixing: Subway Studio
Production manager: Sophocles Sapounas
Produced by: Vojislav Ivanovic
Recording & editing: Vangelis Sapounas
Mixing, processing and mastering: Vassilis Tsovaras
Cover design: Makis Anasiadis & Vladimir Radibratovic
Design: Makis Anasiadis
Photo: Makis Anasiadis & Vladimir Radibratovic

Vojislav plays Classical Guitar by Pavlos Gypas and Flamenco Guitar by Milan Sabljic.