Steve Jaqvaar 

"Meanwhile, far away..."

Subways Music's first release; An album with original compositions by the composer, singer and guitarist, among others, Steve Jaqvaar.

1. Back to Square One
2. Traveller
3. Don't Wanna Go
4. House of the Rising Sun
5. Ain't Got the Blues No More
6. To the Girl for Whom I May Have Wrote This Song
7. Diamond of Rust
8. Crusade to the Castle of the Bay
9. Mad Elaine's War
10. Song of Sixprence
11. Vitam Vas Tady V Praze... Again!¿
12. Radioactive Blues
13. All That Shines
14. Three Years

Composition, guitar, vocals: Steve Jaqvaar

Guitar: Panagiotis Margaris
Production: Sophocles Sapounas
Recording, mixing, mastering: Vangelis Sapounas / Subways Studio
Copyright: Sophocles Sapounas / Erateio Odeon