Meliti Ensemble

Subways Music and Meliti Ensemble present a different CD titled "Yunan", which means "Greece" in Arabic. The title is explained by the subtitle of the cover: "A Greek musical caravan in the Middle East". That is, a group of Greek musicians influenced by Western musical education and Greek tradition that penetrates the Arabic musical aesthetic. The result is achieved with original, but also traditional compositions orchestrated especially for the Meliti Ensemble and the elite guest artists who collaborate. In this completely special CD you can hear beautiful music by Pavlos Papadopoulos and Alek K. Bretou, the internationally recognized Lebanese artist Ali Jihad Racy , two Asia Minor traditional songs performed by the wonderful Yasemi Saragouda and Korina Veni, as well as two atmospheric improvisations on the oud by Alekos K. Vretos and Nikos Saragoudas. The colorful orchestrations of "Yunan" belong to Pavlos Papadopoulos, Alekos K. Vretos and Nikos Saragoudas .The members of the Meliti Ensemble who participate in the CD are: Alekos K. Vretos (oud), Pavlos Papadopoulos (first violin), George Konstantinidis (second violin), Dimitris Theologitis (third violin), Vassilis Karahoutis (bass) and Dimitris Emmanouil (percussion). Some very great artists collaborated as special guests: Nikos Saragoudas (out), Yasemi Saragouda (voice), Albertos "Albert" Panagiotopoulos (drums), Korina Veni (voice) and Andreas Skandalos (cannon). 

Yunan is a rare - in terms of musical content - disc work, which, thanks to the performances of the Meliti Ensemble and the extraordinary performers, highlights in an atmospheric and enjoyable way the interaction of thousands of years of neighboring musical traditions between the Greek and Arab worlds with compositions that inspire for its continuation...

A Greek Music Caravan in the Middle East

01 - Sonja
02 - Memories Of Asia Minor
03 - Methexis
04 - Nasmat rahat Al Arwat Part I
05 - Nasmat rahat Al Arwat Part II
06 - Tha Spaso Koupes
07 - Conversation With Simon Shaheen
08 - Taqsim Bayati
09 - Samai Bayati
10 - Big Al's Longa
11 - Taqsim Bayati
12 - Aman Yala


​Alekos K. Bretos (oud)
Pavlos Papadopoulos (first violin)
Giorgos Konstantinidis (second violin)
Dimitris Theologitis (third violin)
Vasilis Karahoutis (bass)
Dimitris Emmanouil (percussion)
Nikos Saragoudas (oud)
Yasemi Saragouda (vocals)
Albertos «Albert» Panagiotopoulos (drums)
Korina Veni (vocals)
Andreas Scandalos (percussion)