Duo Arioso
"Invisible Borders"

Subways Music presents the album Invisible Borders, a record work by Duo Arioso (Sofia Mavrogenidou - flute, Aristidis Chaztistavrou - guitar) with works by:  A. Chatzistavrou, J. Sibelius, H. V. Lobos, A. Carlevaro, J. Morel, C. Machado, A. Piazzolla, E. Granados, F. Kleynjans.

"This record is the result of a long musical journey that began in 1992 and continues to this day. We travel to many parts of the world creating and playing. The musical world of guitar and flute still fascinates us, but also renews us."
S. Mavrogenidou, A. Chatzistavrou


1. Fantasy
Aris Chatzistavrou

2. Etude (Let's walk)
Jean Sibelius

3. Saltarello
Aris Chatzistavrou

4. Aria (cantilena)
Heitor Villa lobos

5. Birds
Aris Chatzistavrou

6. Campo
Abel Carlevaro

7. Danza Brasileira
Jorge Morel

8. Pacoca (choro)
Celco Machado

9. Dernier lamento
Astor Pantaleon Piazzolla

10. Playera
Enrique Granados

11. Aria 1
Francis Jean Marie Kleynjans

12. Nocturne
Αris Chatzistavrou

Duo Arioso: Sofia Mavrogenidou - flute, Aristidis Chatzistavrou - guitar
Recording: Soundwave Studio
Sound engineer: Yiannis Oikonomou
Mixing: G. Oikonomou, A. Chatzistavrou, S. Mavrogenidou
Mastering: Stamatis Fousekis
Photos, insert design, cover: Despina Sevasti
Production Supervisor: Duo Arioso
Produced by: Subways Music - Sophocles Sapounas
Production partner: Andriana Kandyla
Texts: Aristidis Chatzistavrou
Translations: Steve Jackvaar
Copyright: Sophocles Sapounas - Erateio Odeon
Commercial Representation: www.cambiabooks.gr

The guitar is made by Alekos Thanou and the flute is a Yamaha 881.