"The Remains of Shade"

The album's twelve characteristic compositions take the listener on an enigmatic journey, composed of mosaics from different countries, sound combinations, experiences, and desires. Instruments of many musical trends, such as accordion, violin, bass, marimba, drums, etc. co-exist with orchestral strings while the discreet presence of electronic sounds embraces the intense, extended melodic lines.
"The Remains of Shade" dares to combine the great tradition of Western melody with elements of Mediterranean music, sometimes flirting with classical, sometimes with easy-listening , sometimes with folk, and sometimes with new age music, always leaving a taste of "cinematic" music, of a soundtrack.
It is the composer's first personal record.

1. Innocent Rain
2. In the Shade of Budapest / Budapest Árnyékában
3. Sunny Waves
4. The Distorting Mirrors of Time
5. The Castle, the River and the Bird / A Kastély, a Folyó és a Madár
6. Glimpse of a Smile / You - Me
7. Monopatia
8. The Remains of the Days
9. Homeland Whispers
10. Fast Drive on a Tropical Boulevard
11. The Sand Reveals
12. In the Shade of Budapest (solo)

Petros Stergiopoulos - flute
Yannis Sambrovalakis - piccolo clarinet
Nikos Petsas - french horn
Kostas Nikas - trumpet
Giorgos Panagiotopoulos - violin
Angela Giannaki - viola
Angelos Liakakis - cello
Larisa Zhykhareva - accordion
Arsen Ter-Tachatyan - marimba
Irini Zerva - vocals
Viktoras Berkan - electric bass
Anastazios - keyboards

Production, composition, orchestration: Anastazios
Recording: Studio Victory
Sound engineering, mastering: Victor Berkan
Programming, mixing: Anastazios, Viktor Berkan

The record was originally released by Kathreftis in 2008.