Alexandra Papastefanou 


Subways Music presents a digital online release, with availability on all major international platforms, a special piano collection with the internationally acclaimed soloist Alexandra Papastephanou in a dual role: creator and performer. 


​"The "Minerals", are piano pieces that retain an improvisational character and influences from impressionism, neo-romanticism, jazz, minimalism and possibly my entire piano experience. They attempt to converse with the silent, iridescent, sometimes rough, enigmatic, mythic nature of the minerals which are connected to the memory of the stone, the earth and time itself. Thus the musical imagination reconstructs shapes and colors and makes the sand sing..." Alexandra Papastefanou

1. Quartz Pendulum                
2. Fluorite                                                                                              
3. The Petrified Forest of Lesbos                                                                                          
4. Larimar                                                                                        
5. Jasper                                                                                              
6. Hyacinth Stone                                                      
7. Reverberant Caves                                                  
8. The never-ending Sandy Roads                                                                              
9. Old Waltz from Sard and Cinnabar            
10.   On a Diamond’s Edge                           
11.   Blue Celestine – and the smoke spiralled up…                            
12.  Touchstone                                                            
13.  Crater Tristis (for amplified piano)
14.  Ammonite on Everest (for piano and keyboard)
15.  Nautilus (for piano and keyboard)
16.   Bach’s Gold (arr. of Bach’s choral prelude “By The Waters of Babylon”)​

Production: Subways Music - Sophocles Sapounas
Recording: Spectrum Studio, "Filippos Nakas" hall, "Aris Garoufalis" hall, Athens Conservatory
Sound engineers: Vangelis Katsoulis, Themis Zafeiropoulos
Graphic design: Anna Eleftherou

The scores of the compositions are available from the "Filippos Nakas" publishing house.