"Visionary World"

The first album of the well-known Greek drummer Albertos "Albert" Panagiotopoulos, was recently released and includes his -for the most part- instrumental, but also vocal compositions, as well as a song performed by the well-known Marianna Efstratiou. 

The title is "Visionary World" and is a production of the "" company of Antonis Ladopoulos and Vassilis Rakopoulos with the support and cooperation of Subways Music. This work is "a vision that rises above the world of violence and smallness," as the creator notes in the CD booklet. As a result, in the compositions of this CD there are many elements from different musical traditions (Afro, Latin, Greek, Mediterranean, Balkan, Eastern) with the style of the tracks moving in a variety of musical styles (Rock, Latin, Jazz, World Fusion, Lounge beat), all this, however, in a homogeneous and harmonious musical result with an excellent sound. In this careful production several well-known and great Greek musicians participate, such as Vassilis Rakopoulos, Antonis Ladopoulos, Giotis Kiourtsoglou, Alexandros Orfanos, Yiannis Zeugolis, Yiannis Grigoriou, Manos Theodosakis, etc., who, under the guidance of Alberto Panagiotopoulos, render all the compositions brilliantly, putting their personal interpretive stamp on the final result. Also, Marianna Efstratiou is featured on this album, as said above. 

"Visionary World" is addressed to every listener who is looking for enjoyable and atmospheric melodic music for every moment of the day and night, but also to every music lover who has demands from the performances of the musicians and performers.


1. Hey Yoruba
​2. Afro Orpheo / Fiesta
3. Canto de Sol
4. Liturgy
5. Lullaby
6. Hellispontos
7. Atlantic City
8. Djivaeri / Immigrants
9. Balkan Fusion
10. Into the Blue and Gold
11. Phoenix
12. When Lights Go Down
13. Fantasia
14. Old Latin Blend


Antonis Ladopoulos
Vasilis Rakopoulos
Giotis Kiourtsoglou
Yannis Grigoriou
Manos Theodosakis
Yannis Zevgolis
Kostas Vlahos
Nikos Tsahtsiris
Vasilis Tsovaras
Vangelis Sapounas
Albert Panagiotopoulos


Marianna Efstratiou
Febronia Labridi
Iidoros Mouhlianitis
Dimosthenis Kerasidis
Albert Panagiotopoulos