George Peristeris

"The Beggar and the Golden Keyhole"

"If I put the key in the golden keyhole, the door will open and reveal a dark, empty room. No treasure is hidden in there. Everyone hides his treasure elsewhere, and the golden key knows where to find it."

Subways Music presents a collection of compositions by Giorgos Peristeris, based on the children's tale by Marivita Grammatikaki, The Beggar and the Golden Keyhole. This is the music and songs from the play of the same name at the OLVIO theater, directed by Lena Georgiadou.

Available exclusively in digital format.

1. Once Upon a Beggar
2. Take World
3. The Songs of the World
4. In the Forest
5. Life's Tales
6. The State of Dreams
7. The Golden Keyhole
8. The Dream
9. I'm Going Crazy
10. The Broom Tango
11. The Dragon
12. The Spoiled Princess
13. A Waltz for the Dragon
14. The Secret of the River
15. A Story Like This
16. The Courage of the Soul


Kira Iliadi - piano
Periklis Timblalexis,Eugenios Zimbai, Dorian Idrizi - violin
Marivita Grammatikaki - viola
Μarina Kolovou - cello
Κonstantinos Giovanis - oboe
Dimitris Gogkas - trumpet
Manos Agouridis, Giorgos Kalogeropoulos - percussion


Panagiotis Terzakis - bass
Evita Petraki - soprano
Nikos Paraskevopoulos, Natasha Papamichael, Tryfon Barkas, Electra Komninidou - singing, vocals

Children's Choir:

Lina Peristeri - flute, vocals
Analia Tori, Ino Gogku, Evite Pomoni - vocals

Music: George Peristeris
Text - Lyrics: Marivita Grammatikaki, Lena Georgiadou
Conductor: George Papadopoulos
Produced by: Subways Music - Sophocles Sapounas
Production partner: Anna Eleftherou
Music editing: Giorgos Peristeris
Recording, mixing: Alexandros Chrysidis - Studio Sierra
Illustration: Pavlos Toris
Graphic design: Anna Bougka
Copyright: Sophocles Sapounas - Erateio Odeon