Elpida Theodorakopoulou

Elpida Theodorakopoulou was born in 2003 in Athens.

 She is studying music at the Erateio Conservatory, in the third year of the upper guitar class, with Panagiotis Margaris as her teacher. At the same time, she immerses herself in the repertoire of chamber music next to the flutist, Hellas Chalkia.

 She expresses herself creatively through composing since the age of 13, writing music mainly for piano and strings, and aims at further studying of the subject. 

She loves "street music" and communicating with people through it, so from time to time she becomes part of it.
She is an amateur Photographer and enjoys writing.

From January 2022 she joined the executive team of the Erateio Conservatory, Subways Music and Subways ’Radio.