Ellemis Piano Quartet

The Ellemis piano quartet was created by four soloists (Stella Tsani - violin, Mikhail Smirnov - viola, Lefki Kolovu - cello, Elena Huda - piano), who had collaborated many times in the past, but never all four together, until 2002, where a concert at the University of Patras and its success became the occasion and cause for the creation of a permanent chamber music scheme.

Initially they appeared under the name "Art", but from the autumn of 2003 they started their cooperation with the record company Subways Music and were renamed "Ellemis piano quartet". They have distinguished themselves in Greece and abroad, have won important awards, have recorded for many record productions and have collaborated with great Greek and foreign artists.

In 2004, Subways Music released the first Ellemis CD (76 minutes long) with works by Brahms and Chausson, which received rave reviews. In 2005 two members of Ellemis, Stella Tsani and Elena Hounda, created the cd "Ellanion" with works by Kalomiris, Skalkotas, Antoniou, Kanaris and Konitopoulos, which was published by Subways Music and distributed free of charge in 3000 copies by the Union of Greek Musicians and the magazine "Polytonon".

In January 2010, the new Ellemis album titled "Images" was released, which contains works by Robert Schumann, Georg Friedrich Heindel, Giulio Caccini, Craig Armstrong, Noti Mavroudis, Leonidas Kanaris, Michalis Archontides and Elena Hounda.​

Stella Tsani, an award-winning musician, has to her credit 6 recording works and more than 40 recordings, as well as many appearances as a soloist in Greece and abroad. Mikhail Smirnov, a graduate of the Moscow College of Music and the Tchaikowski Academy, a member of the Athens State Orchestra, has given many recitals and been awarded for his talent in improvisation. Lefki Kolovou is characterized by her intense activity in the field of chamber music and has collaborated with most Greek orchestras. Elena Hounda, distinguished performer and composer, has appeared as a soloist in the best-known halls of Greece and abroad, while her works have been performed by orchestras, musical ensembles and well-known soloists.