Eirini Tzamtzi

Eirini Tzamtzi, 32, was born and lives in Athens. Her musical studies began at the age of 12, with piano lessons and music theory, while she then tackled lyrical singing. She also studied and continues to study in the class of Christina Spiliakopoulou. She obtained the diploma of monody, which she acwuired with honors in 2016, graduating from the Erateio Conservatory. From 2019 until today she is studying in Theodora Baka's class. In 2020 she obtained a degree in Harmony.

In 2021 she completed speech therapy seminars with Elpida Koutsoumbaki (while continues to train).

She has dabbled in freestyle and jazz vocal improvisation since 2016, under the guidance of: Savvina Giannatou, Yannis Papanastasiou, Angelikis Toupanakis.

Recent Artistic activity

In the months of June and July 2023, she participated in the new opera "The most sweet bread", composed by Spyros Kallivokas, produced by Greek National Opera within the framework of the festival "Lyric South" 2023.

In May 2023 he interpreted the participation of the composer Yiannis Konsolakis in presentation of this year's "The Lullaby project", on the Alternative stage of the National Opera House, co-produced by the Center Stavros Niarchos Cultural Foundation (SNFCC), with the social music program integration El Sistema Greece and New York's Carnegie Hall (respectively in 2021 composed by G. Dousis and in 2020 composed by G. Ismirnioglou)

In August 2022, he participated in the revival of the operetta "The Street Woman", by N. Chatziapostolou, in the framework of the Kournos Festival, in Lemnos.

As a performer, she has also appeared in major concert venues (Theatre of Apollo Syros, recital P. Margaris/ Conservatory of Herod of Atticus, Concert
orchestra V. Boutounis).

Parallel activities

Since 2020 she has been involved in the production of original musical themes that intended for soundtracks of documentaries and commercials. (High Commission, 2021/ Documentary for the French State Television TV5MOND, “Les champs du possible", 2022)

Since 2017 she has been part of Subways Music, through of which the aria "Shell Game" from the opera of the same name by G. Dousis has been released - among other publications.

Since 2016, she has been teaching classical and contemporary singing at the Erateio conservatory.

From 2019 to 2022 she belonged to the El Sistema Greece team, as a choir teacher.

Finally, she is a graduate of the Athens University of Economics, since 2013.