Dionissios Visvardis

Composer, pianist, clarinetist, music teacher and conductor, Dionysios Visvardis initially studied clarinet and music theory at the Municipal Philharmonic of Zakynthos. Later he studied advanced theory, piano and clarinet at the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki. His rich didactic and compositional work with songs, symphonies, works for various instruments, choral works, works for piano and encores, reflects his commitment to folk song and the Greek spirit. Among them stand out the "Piano Sonata on Greek Themes", the "Macedonian Suite" for orchestra, the "Hellenic Triptych" for piano, the songs "Shepherd and Nightingale", "If I Knew", "On the Village Pier" and the national march "The Army Passes".​

The contribution of Dionysios Visvardis to the expansion and artistic development of the country's philharmonics was significant, as he was for a number of years Commander of all Military Musicians and Chief Musician of the Municipal Philharmonics of Zakynthos and Kalamata.