Dimitris Minakakis

Dimitris Minakakis is a composer, performer, pedagogue and writer.

Ηis work as a composer reflects a clear influence from Byzantine Music, the classical Greek tradition, and the late European modernism, and intense effects from the natural environment. These components are assimilated and evolved continuously in his personal idiom.

The music composition of important Greek poets, including Ritsos, Vrettakos, Palamas, Chionis, as well as of foreign poets such as the Chilean poet Jaime Svart, has an important place in his artistic work.

As a performer, he has established a multifaceted career both in Byzantine music as chanter, and in European music as a choir director and orchestral conductor.

Equally multifaceted is his work as a pedagogue. He has been a teacher of theory and composition at prominent musical and educational institutions.

Many of his students have become distinguished performers, composers, theorists and musicologists in Europe and the United States.

His pedagogical work also extends to the field of administrative organization: Founder of the College Symphony Orchestra, founder and artistic director of conservatories, Dimitris Minakakis has distinguished himself for the promotion of chamber music and the creation of musical ensembles.

PanasMusic have published the "Manual for the Development of Aural Skills", "The art of music and its technique", "Basic theory of music" and Choirs. All his pedagogical works are taught in university departments of music studies and conservatories.

Dimitris Minakakis compositions have been performed in Greece, Europe, North and South America by distinguished ensembles.

Professor of Music at the College of Athens, 1981-2013, Coordinator of Music at the College of Athens - Psychic College, 1994-2001 and from 2001-2013 Head of Interscholastic Music.

He was professor of Advanced Theories and Composition at the Athenaeum, General Artistic Director at the Municipal Conservatory of Zografou, Artistic Director at the Municipal Conservatory of Agios Dimitrios, and the Athens College Conservatory.

For his composition work, in November 2006 he was awarded the Santa Cruz do Grau, in São Paulo, Brazil.

For his pedagogical work the chair of G. Phylaktopoulos was awarded in November 1996. He was honored by the Cultural Organization and the Conservatory of the Municipality of Agios Dimitrios and the Amykla Ladies' Association.

In March 2022, he completed the work "Diadromes", commissioned by the Athens State Orchestra for its 80th anniversary, which will be performed in a World Premiere at the Athens Concert Hall.