Dimitris Ikonomakis
"Bass Fairy Tales"

"Bass Fairy Tales" is the result of Dimitris Ikonomakis' three-year involvement with the bowed double bass. With teacher Takis Kapoyannis, first double bass of the State Orchestra of Athens. It started as a joke in class. "Since there are not many good pieces for the double bass, I will write them," said the "student". The first piece excited the "teacher" and in about two months "Bass Fairy Tales" was completed. With Capoyannis on the bow and Ikonomakis on pizzicato and classical guitar. 

"Bass Fairy Tales" tells 8 stories, highlighting the deep, hoarse, rough and plaintive voice of the instrument. The first story (Solo) is a lonely walk. In each new story an interlocutor is added: guitar (Duet), flute (Trio), accordion, saxophone (Quartet), piano (Quintet), drums (Sextet). The group is completed with the arrival of the oboe (Septet) in an unexpected zeibekiko, to close with a lonely account (Solo pizz.). 

"Bass Fairy Tales" enriches the relatively poor philology of the double bass. But it is not a "bassist" record. The double bass interacts equally with the other instruments with the sole aim of musical completeness. The album moves in the wider space of jazz, in terms of harmonic perception, improvisation and rhythmic sense, but it "converses" with Bach, Debussy, Segovia, Piazzolla. And it is steeped in a lyrical Mediterranean romance. 

"Bass Fairy Tales" is an ensemble record. The excellent musicians, fellow travelers in the musical group "Escape" and new friends, gave another breath and color to the original idea. Their improvisations are a real "composition within a composition".

1.Solo (double bass)
2.Duet (double bass, guitar)
3.Trio (double bass, guitar, flute)
4.Quartet (double bass , guitar, accordina, soprano saxophone)
5.Quintet (double bass, guitar, flute, accordion, piano)
6.Sextet (double bass, guitar, flute, piano, vibrandoneon, drums)
7.Septet (double bass, guitar, flute, piano, accordion, drums, oboe)
8.Solo Pizz (double bass)

Composition, arrangement, pizzicato double bass, classical guitar: Dimitris Ikonomakis
Double bass with bow: Takis Kapoyiannis
Flute: Sofia Mavrogenidou
Accordion, accordina: Iraklis Vavatsikas
Soprano saxophone: Tasos Fotiou
Piano, vibrandoneon: Giorgos Katsanos
Drums: Spyros Moschoutis
Oboe: Xenophon Symboulidis

Production: Subways Music - Sophocles Sapounas
Production supervisor: Dimitris Ikonomakis
Sound engineering - Mastering: Giannis Paxevanis
Recording: Subway Recording Studios – Vangelis Sapounas
Commercial representation: Massive Productions
Copyright: Erateio Odeon - Sophocles Sapounas 
Distribution: E.M.S.E