Corfu Children's Choir

The Corfu Children's Choir was established in October 2010. In addition to the main body of the Choir, there are also Preparatory Departments I and II, as well as a Boys' Choir. He has performed at the 8th Aegean Festival in Syros (2012), at the 4th Festival of Children's Choirs of the Thessaloniki Concert Hall (2014), at the 14th Religious Music Festival of Patmos (2014), at Herodeion (2014), at the Athens Concert Hall (2017), in International Easter Festival in Sofia (2019).

He has received the following awards: 

1. Outstanding success at the Summa cum Laude international competition festival in Vienna (July 2018). 

2. The Grand Prix and gold diploma at the international competition festival Claudio Monteverdi in Venice (July 2017).

3. Gold diploma at the 1st international competition festival of Interkultur in Kalamata (October 2015). 

4. Silver diploma at a corresponding competition festival of Interkultur in Corfu (October 2016).

The Corfu Children's Choir has partnered with the Rosarte Children's and Youth Choir, the Polyphonic Patras Children's and Youth Choir, the Jacksonville Children's Chorus (Florida, USA), the Children's and Youth Choir of the Municipality of Heraklion, Crete, as well as the Philharmonic Society Symphony Orchestra Corfu under the direction of Alki Balta and the ERT Symphony Orchestra. Sections of the Corfu Children's Choir have collaborated with the Department of Music Studies of the Ionian University as laboratory choirs.

In March 2019, the Children's Choir presented its first album with pieces of religious and secular music from its repertoire and with the general title "Adorabile".

Teaching: Christina Kalliaridou, Sofia Ketenjian
Address: Christina Kalliaridou