Christos Mentis

"The Musical Box & Other Melodies"

Subways Music presents anreleased music and songs by the late composer, arranger and pianist Christos Mentis (1943 – 2003).

The album contains three sections of compositions, mainly from the period 1992 - 2003:
a) The Music Box   Fifteen short pieces for solo piano.
b) Instrumental      Four instrumental compositions.
c) Songs                    Three songs in lyrics by Vassilis Rota and Yannis Argyris.

16. Ballad (for trombone & piano)
17. Nocturne (for cello & piano)
18. Miniature (for flute & piano)
19. Polka (for flute & piano) 

20. If I am the Sea (lyrics: Vassilis Rotas)
21. I Don't Want Them to Call (lyrics: Vassilis Rotas)
22. As Far As (lyrics: Yannis Argyris)​

1. Spring Time
2. Gavote
3. Elegy
4. Romantic Waltz
5. Innocence
6. Nostalgia
7. Mazurka
8. Autumn
9. Melody
10. Polka
11. Tarantella
12. Lullaby
13. Adaggio
14. The Jester
15. Dreamland

The main performer of the album is the distinguished piano soloist Maria Papapetropoulou, who plays in all the compositions of the album without exception. Together with her, the mezzo-soprano Theodora Baka, the flautist Vicky Vasiliadi, the cellist Nicolas Kavakos and the trombonist Spyros Farouggias.

Recordings, mixing, mastering: Spectrum Studio - Vangelis Katsoulis
Production: Sophocles Sapounas