Chrysostomos Konidaris

"Without Lands"

Subways Music presents "Without Lands", the company's first vocal record, with particular pride, as it is a musical release addressed to the majority of listeners, a work that guarantees aesthetic pleasure in the context of what we mean by good "art " Greek music.
In "Without Lands" Chrysostomos Konidaris composes, arranges and sings nautical poetry by the great writer and painter Giorgos Ferentinos. Strong, contemporary melodies in a work of exciting listening, as rock, art and folk elements coexist in diverse songs that sometimes explode into strong rhythms and sometimes let go in the atmosphere of the ballad.

Participating - giving great performances - are Kostas Thomaidis (in 4 songs), Elisavet Karatzoli (in 2 songs) and debutant Vasilis Tzouvaras (in 1 song).

(Excerpt from the foreword by Thanos Mikroutsikos for the CD "Without Lands" is given. The complete text can be found in the CD booklet.)

"...Chrysostomos Konidaris, a new fellow songwriter, presents 12 songs based on the lyrics of Giorgos Ferentinos, solid songs that not only respect the listener, but above all respect the two previous generations of composers and songwriters who passionately served the serious modern Greek song. ....Chrysostomos does not imitate us before us....He treads on our paths, but his own reason and his own feeling are these difficult times he made a very good start..." "Without Lands".

An artistic work, the listening of which proves even to the most pessimistic, that the Greek music scene continues to birth artists with a serious reason for existence...​


1. Akim
2. The Command
3. Pull (The Anchor)
4. Return
5. Whisperings of Memory
6. Paeans
7. With Tsikoudia
8. The Chimpanzee
9. Tropical of Cancer
10. The Pagoda
11. With the Grade of Human
12. The Denial

Guest contribution:
Kostas Thomaidis
Elisavet Karatzoli
Vasilis Tzouvaras

Poetry: George Ferentinos
Produced by: Subways Music - Sophocles Sapounas
Artistic direction: Chrysostomos Konidaris
Production Manager: Chrysostomos Konidaris