Philharmonic Band of Corfu

The band of the Philharmonic Society of Corfu emerged as the most popular of the musical ensembles of the institution, as it is the only one that has an uninterrupted course and offer until today. The band of the Philharmonic Society of Corfu was the first to perform the "Hellenic National Anthem", which was officially established in 1865, while it participated in the musical events of the first Olympic Games in Athens in 1896, playing the "Olympic Anthem" by Spyros Samaras. In more recent years, it was invited to give concerts in various cities of Greece and abroad. Today the band of the Philharmonic Society of Corfu consists of 250 active musicians. Its nursery is its youth band (consisting of 120 young musicians) and the student band (consisting of 60 younger musicians). Various ensembles of brass, wood and percussion instruments are also active in its context. In this way, it continues an uninterrupted tradition of almost two hundred years with a dynamic look towards the future. ​Since 2010, Spyros Prosoparis has been the chief musician and director of its Schools.