"The Garden that Withered and Perished"

In the poetry of Napoleon Lapathiotis (1888 - 1944)

The melancholic and unfulfilled mood of three poems by Lapathiotis ("Song", "Narcissus" and "Evening Roses") is diffused in the same number of songs on the composer's second personal album. The two longest compositions on the album ("Deep Enigma", "The Garden that Withered and Perished"), for accordion and piano, lead the melancholy of the music to outbursts. The songs on the disc are a first taste of the numerous musical compositions of the composer of Lapathiotis' poems.


1. Song
2. Deep Enigma
3. Narcissus
4. The Garden that Withered and Perished
5. The Evening Roses


Alexandros Balkanas - voice
Sergiu Nastasa - violin
Larysa Zhykhareva - accordion
Giorgos Ventouris - double bass
Anastazios - piano

Composition, orchestration, production: Anastazios
Recording, mixing, mastering: Yannis Skandamis - Dna Lab Studio

It is a production of the composer, which was initially released with issue 173 (January - March 2017) of the magazine "Odos Panos".