Alkis Baltas

"Works for String Orchestra"

The new album by the composer and chief musician Alkis Baltas, in its first worldwide release. The recording contains three works for string orchestra ("Lament", "Suite for String Orchestra" and "Romantic Movement in a Strange World". The performance of the works was carried out by the Chamber Orchestra "The Sofia Soloists", under the musical direction of chief musician Plamen Jurov, and the recordings took place at the Studio of the Bulgarian National Radio in Sofia.

1. Lament
Suite for String Orchestra
2. i) Grave – Scherzo
3. ii) Largo
4. iii) Allegro moderato
5. Romantic Movement in a Strange World


Performance: Chamber orchestra "The Sofia Soloists"
Musical Direction: Plamen Djurov
Solist: Jordan Dimitrov (violin - track 5)
Production: Subways Music - Sophocles Sapounas
Production associate: Anna Eleutherou
Recording: Studio of the Bulgarian National Radio (Sofia)
Cover art: "Landscape III"
Painting: Manolis Pentes
Graphic design: Anna Bougka
Translation: Steve Jaqvaar