Alkis Baltas

"Symphonic Works"

Subways Music presents the new album of composer and conductor Alkis Baltas, in a first world release. The record contains two symphonic works, the delightful "Divertimento", consisting of 11 parts, and the dramatic "Symphonic Requiem". The works were performed by the Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra, under the musical direction of the composer himself, and the recordings took place in the Studio of Bulgarian National Radio in Sofia.

The album is available worldwide as a physical and digital release, via Subways Music.




1. Prologue

2. Morning game

3. Like a serenade

4. Dance song

5. The 12 o' clock train

6. Intermezzo

7. The 12 o' clock newscast

8. Zeibekiko

9. Like a nocturne

10. Evening game

11. Epilogue

12. Symphonic requiem



Musical performance: Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: Alkis Baltas

Production: Subways Music - Sophocles Sapounas

Production Contributor: Anna Eleftherou

Recording: Studio of Bulgarian National Radio (Sofia)

Cover art: "Shadows in the water"

Painter: Iro Fytraki

Artwork: Anna Bougka

Translations: Steve Jaqvaar