Alkis Baltas

"Echo in the Void"

Subways Music presents the new album of composer and conductor Alkis Baltas, in a first world release. The record contains music and songs based on poetry by Maria Polydouri. Natassa Angelopoulou performs all songs and recitations.



Composition: Alkis Baltas

Poetry: Maria Polydouri

Recitation and singing: Natassa Angelopoulou

Flute: Zacharias Tarpagkos

Violoncello: Asterios Pouftis

Guitar: Michalis Sourvinos

Piano: Vicky Stylianou

Production: Subways Music - Sophocles Sapounas

Production contributor: Anna Eleftherou

Recording engineer: Giannis Syggletos

Audio editing: Nikos Karapiperis

Cover photo: Vicky Stylianou

Artwork: Anna Bougka

Translations: Steve Jaqvaar

Copyright: Sophocles Sapounas - Erateio Odeon


 Recordings took place at the “Aris Garoufalis” event hall of the Athens Conservatoire.

The composer warmly thanks the administration for the hall’s concession.