Alkis Baltas


Subways Music presents the newest album by Alkis Baltas, with symphonic works, entitled "Aspects". Its aspects concern human kind, a person's emotional world, the multifaceted music and also the composer's compositional process. The creation of the works began in 1989 and was completed in the studio in 2008. The composer also conducts the Color Orchestra. 

The album is released internationally in physical and digital form by Subways Music.


Imagine a new music - With a mood of unity, and inspiration from "Imagine" by John Lennon, Alkis Baltas presents various segments of the song's themes, rhythmically and melodically varied. It was composed in 2006 and is dedicated to the day of music. 

Music For Youth - A work written to enrich the repertoire for young orchestras. The composer had mentioned in his note: "The composition is also addressed to those listeners who always remain in a youthful state of mind, regardless of their age."

Absence - The title of the work refers to the absence, the loss, of a dear friend of the composer and the piece is dedicated to his memory. We feel the sadness and pain listening to the orchestration of the strings and also the role of the drums.

Triptychon - Three-part work (andante moderato - allegro - andante moderato), written in Berlin in 1978, with atonic elements.